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    1. Welcome to visit Nanyang KaiXin Optical & Electronic Co.,Ltd official website



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      Kai Xin photoelectric is a learning, innovative, growth oriented enterprises, she is pursuing a sustained, healthy growth. In our study, we continue to innovate, and strive to improve the company's ability to resist risks, financing capacity and capital return... 資質證書

      About KaiXin photoelectric

      Nanyang KaiXin Optical & Electronic Co.,Ltd is located in the historic city of Henan city in Nanyang province; she is a long history, science and technology, management innovation, optical element component processing enterprises. Four industrial sectors have been formed: first, the projector part of the product, the product is mainly covered with heat sink, heat insulation board, coated plate, split prism, shaped flat mirror, spherical mirror, and so on...

      Contact us

      Telephone: +86-13503876457

      Fax: +86-377-6355-5039

      E-mail: sales@nykaixin.com

      Address: No. 569 West Road,
      Nanyang City, Henan Province

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